Leyla Aylin

Hi, my name is Leyla Aylin and I was born on March 11, 1980 in Peru. I am the founder of Chicks to Go with more than 10 years of restaurant industry experience.

I bring together food lovers from all over the world to learn, discover and experiment with flavors from around the globe. My expertise and passion for cooking and exploring new recipes provides guests with an unforgettable culinary experience.

Looking Ahead

I want to make Chicks-ToGo.com the top food sharing site in the world and especially specialize in chicken dishes. My mission is to provide an international platform for everybody who loves cooking, trying out new recipes, and discovering cultures through food.

It is my belief that if we share our knowledge about food with each other, we can create a unique global environment of collaboration and exploration. By connecting passionate people who have a desire to learn and experiment with flavors from around the globe, we can create something incredibly special - a place where you can go to discover deliciousness!

Chicks-ToGo.com is the perfect place to share recipes and tips on cooking, eating, and enjoying chicken dishes from around the world. So come join us today, and let's get cooking! Together we can make Chicks-ToGo.com the best food sharing site in the world! Welcome aboard!

I'm looking forward to seeing what masterpieces our community of international chefs create with their own flavor combinations! Bon Appétit! Let’s explore, learn & enjoy deliciousness together! :)

Leyla Aylin - Founder of Chicks-ToGo.com 🐔 🤩 🌎 🍗 🥘 💚

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