Thinking about doing something in the frontwall of Chicks To Go

My sister and I have been thinking about how to make our sidewall and our block more beautiful, since Sandy visit us we have a pretty different face of Rockaway.


We wanted to brand the sidewall, then we thought on painting it but we could´t agree on what to do.


Last saturday we went to the restaurant and found something we could not believe, there was Alice Pasquini doing her thing, It was actually amazing to watch how the magic was being done. After a few hours she finished and we could´t feel more blessed, a pretty new graffiti righ in our sidewall, this could only be godswill, well, actually it was the work of a local organization, Beautify Earth, working on having a prettier community in the Rockaways.


We are really thankfull and want to give back, and we will, keep in touch we’ll have news for you :)


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